General Info about Golden Visa


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The golden visa is a permanent residence permit provided to investors and their family members on the condition that their investment in Greece is worth at least 250,000 euros. With the residence permit, you can travel to all the states of the Schengen Convention without needing any other formality.


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As members of the investor’s family are considered the following: a) the spouse b) their children of up to 21 years of age c) the investor’s parents and d) the parents of the investor’s spouse and e) the children of up to 21 years of age of the investor’s spouse from another parent.


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According to law 4251/2014, which regulates the granting of residence permits to investors in Greece, a five-year residence permit is initially granted to the investor and his/her family members, followed by a ten-year residence permit, provided that the investment is maintained. In addition, after a total of seven years of permanent residence in the country, the possibility of obtaining Greek citizenship is provided after the submission of the related dossier to the competent authorities. Our team is at your disposal for the collection and submission of all the documents required for the acquisition and renewal of the residence permit, as well as the granting of Greek citizenship, helping you from the first to the last step.


Purchase of property

By purchasing real estate worth at least 250,000 euros, you acquire all investor rights and you and your family members are granted a golden visa. You can buy: a) a house where you can either live with your family or rent it and earn money from your investment, b) a plot of land on which you can build according to your wishes and needs c) a business which you can run or rent and collect the payments. Our team is at your disposal, offering a vast range of properties that will meet your needs.

Property lease

By renting a hotel or tourist accommodation for a certain period of time, you and your family obtain a residence permit, provided that your total investment is worth at least 250,000 euros. We are at your disposal if you need us to show you a number of tourist accommodation or hotels that would be profitable investments.


By buying shares in companies, bonds or bonds of the Greek Government worth at least 400,000 euros (The relevant law has already been voted on and is expected to be implemented immediately).

Bank deposits

By proving that you hold deposits in Greek banks worth 400,000 euros (The relevant law has already been voted on and is expected to be implemented immediately).